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Can std cause prostatis

One month ago i got treated with doxyciline 200 g for 10 days for a potential bacterial bladder  infection,
Last weekend i had ejaculated for the first time after 30 days, while ejaculating i put pressure on my penis to stop cum from coming out for a few secs, the next days i developped a burning sensation behind my recturm area, potentailly where the prostate gland, i feel some burning also in the tip of the penis and my feet feel sort of cold or burning. Otherwise i feel no discharge or burning during urination.
I have beeing taking anti inflamatory medication the last days which helped reduce the burning sensation. But after one week it did not completely go away.
   Could this be caused by the pervious infection i got treated for ? Do stds cause similar symptomps ?
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Hi and welcome. Sounds like you stressed out your spinster muscle from the back pressure and also bruised your penis tip by holding the sperm back. Ouch! If you having reoccuring symptoms from your original infection, you might want to go for a follow up with the doc.
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actually this sounds like a fungal infection going on more than anything. if its been more than a week since you finished your antibiotics you can return to have your prostate checked to see if swelling went down as well as they can check you for a fungal infection too.

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