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Can you get Gonorrhea from smoking amphetamines alone?

I just want to know if it is possible to get gonorrhea if you just smoked meth without actually sexual intercourse. If this is not possible at all, is there a chance that I can get gonorrhea if her privates smelled bad, and I had an orgasm in her one day ago, and I had more sexual intercourse when she didn't wash it. It says that it can show 1-14 days? I do believe if it wasn't from having sex when she wasn't 100% clean, then it is impossible that it is from methamphetamine. I have never ever done it before, and I'm just scared. I'm having my own sort of nightmare right now, because STD's are my nightmare. This is NOT my drug, I'd rather stick to something that I cannot do, weed. I quit it for 25 days now to straighten out my life. I don't know what made me do this, I guess just poor choices. Someone literally just offered me it in a WalMart parking lot far from the entrance while Tire & Lube was closed, and said it was better then weed and gets out of your system really fast. He said it is really addictive, and I said I can handle it, I won't get addicted. Now I know that I'm not because I'm freaking scared for my life, or penis to be technical. Gonorrhea is easily fixed, I'm correct right? What is the treatment? Penicillin or amoxicillin? I have no idea, but I just want to know if I in fact have gonorrhea. So I will explain what exactly happened in detail, so please be warned, graphic detail is used.
I felt the desire to release my bladder, haha, and I went normally. I sat down to be specific, just in case it could after the flow of something and this could be normal after all. I started to urinate, and take poo too oddly, I wiped and I got up from the toilet, and I felt a little bit more need to pee. So I peed the last little squirt out, and I went to whipe it, and there was something clear that almost looked like pre-cum. I whiped it off and I thought I had read about it online somewhere that it could be gonorrhea. I don't know if this was just one of many very rare occurances, or if it was infact SEX with my girlfriend when she wasn't 100% clean. I hope someone can answer my question. If I must add, I did NOT inject meth, I smoked it. I did NOT have sex either, I have had sex 3 days ago though, and now I come to you for help. Can you help me? OH YES!! One last thing. I did not hurt at all to urinate! Hopefully now you can tell me that it is a no! I'm just having a bad trip. D=
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If you do not use a condom for sex then you are at risk for STD's.

Stop smoking meth and get into rehab.
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