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Cant figure out whats wrong please help !

Dear Sir/ Ma'am

I had sex with an active unknown person around the 25th of June i.e almost 4 months ago.
During that time 3 days started getting joint pain in the right leg.

4 days later Symptoms included
(As far as I can remember )
1 I could not masturbate, as I had a problem getting my penis up.
2 Pain in the right shaft,below the head of the penis.

Saw a G.P and because I was embarrassed asked him if he could prescribe me some antibiotics. just told him I had slept with a promiscuous women.
took a course of levofloxacin 250 and Arithromysin 250 for three days.

Symptoms as recorded on 20-07-10 included:

1 Burns in the legs, arms. ( which would go on for hours, usually in the day time )
2 Pain in the right testicle. ( which would go on for hours)
3 General tiredness.
3 No visible signs of scars or swollen lymph nodes.
4 No secretions from the penis.
5 No itching.

After getting checked from a doctor the next day, I got myself checked for the following

1 Syphilis (the test had come negitive as it was too early to get checked for it.)
2 Urine Examination ( which came normal )
3 LFT, (Liver Panel -1) (which came normal )
4 Creatinine ( which came normal )
5 Urea ( normal )
6 Hemogram with automated (normal )
7 IGE ( immmunoglobulin IgE) ( which came a bit high)

Only IGE came a bit high everything else was normal.

Now I'm facing the following symptoms:

1 Headache
2 testicular pain
3 Burning sensation arms and legs.
4 de-sensitivity during masturbation/ sex ( takes a long time to cum
5 tiredness.
6 Itching at night.

got myself checked again for Urine and IgE
both have come back and have immmunoglobulin IgE 291 IU/ml which is high and Urine containing Nitrite.

Please help I'm in a lot of stress.
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was this unprotected or protected?

STDs wouldn't cause pain/burning in your arms and legs.

Were you tested for anything else? stds?? chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, HSV?

a lot of  your symptoms could be related to anxiety about the situation, anxiety can present a lot symptoms and can take a toll on your body.
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I was initially thought to have nothing and I had dismissed it as anxiety
. The sex was unprotected and now recently I'm freaking out more as these symptoms should have gone as I had finally accepted that these are just my mind playing tricks on me.

Other then that since I had accepted it why do I get headaches almost all day everyday.
Burns are unusual I have never got them before in my life.

Yes I was tested for gonorrhea , AIDS and Syphilis , but in the first month

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you need to do follow up testing according to the testing time line

Chlamydia gono, trick, NGU - 7 days post
HIV- 3 months
Syphilis- 6-8 weeks
HSV- 3months

Those testing times are conclusive.
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Dear kdaily, Thank you so much for your reply above,

I have had no luck in pin point my disease though..

I have done the following since my last post..

1 Got an HIV test done in 1 month, 3 month and at 6 month interval. Which came back negative.
the 6 month did western blot and ELISA test along with the p24 protein to double check.
2 Got a Syphilis test done after 1 and 5 months which came back negative.
3 Had medicines prescribed for anaerobic,aerobic bacteria, parasites, tape worms, roundworms, and flukes of domestic animals

The medicines  are :

i) Azithromycin 2gms (Antibiotic )
ii) ornidazole 3gms  ( Antibiotic )
iii) Albendazole  800 mg

4 Have done a CBC ( Complete blood count ) test which came back normal
5 ECG .. which came back normal.
6 lipid profile, ASO LFT, T3 T4,TSH,  which all came back normal.

Which have lead to my believing that this is not a bacterial infection or problem.

Confirmed symptoms :
1 Headaches persistent with increase and decrease in severity. (throughout after 2 months had passed )
2 Papular rash on the torso and bums which would itch, lasted for almost 5 days- 7 days.(only happened once in the 6 months )
3 Raised bumps which only happened once and lasted for 20 days approx didnt hurt or itch. These came before the papular rash.( happened only once )
4 Pain/weird feeling in the thighs ( came and went in the past now the severity changes its there though )
5 Rash (
6 Stomach problem, feels like nausea (comes and goes )
7 Neck pain at the back of the neck just above the back on the right side. (has just started this month)

My concern are that anxiety would not be causing persistent trouble.  
So I would really appreciate if someone  could guide me to as what to do:

1) Is it possible I'm one of those rare people in this world who haven't developed antibodies for HIV even after 6 months or have I have been infected by a new HIV strain of virus which the current tests dont detect . I know the Idea is far fetched but I'm worried non the less.

2 ) What should be my next decision. Just accept its a virus which I shall need to live with the rest of my life. As CBC would not be giving any indication of a virus.

Please Help

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1) Post in the HIV forum.
2) I see nothing that would make me think this is a STD. Continue to work with your Dr, this has nothing to do with a STD.
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