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Chance of catching std from shared shower

I  am new to the site and have a few questions. I am a virgin but last week I arranged an appointment with an escort for an hour. She wore lingerie when I arrived and she immediately hugged me which I reciprocated. Could I have picked up any stds since there was a lot of skin to skin contact (we held onto one another for a bit, it wasn't a brief hug)?  Also we then proceeded to take a shower together, initially naked but after a few minutes I got worried and opted to put a condom on in case, so I am wondering is there a chance I picked any stds from her during the shower? Or did the condom reduce the risk or does it even do anything in this case? P.s we only opted to have outer course as I want to remain std free for when I marry but she did kiss me repeatedly on my cheeks and forehead as did I so was  that a error ( couldn't see any cold sores on her lips)? I also caressed and kissed her body except the genitals. We ended the session by her giving me a covered handjob.  She "claimed not have any stds" but not sure if she's saying the truth. I'm from London so would that make any difference say to escorts in the us? Thanks and sorry for the length of question (can't start new paragraph on this phone)
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Your risk was zero, regardless the condom and your origin or your partner's nationality.
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Thank you for your reply. It has put me at ease. Are there any tips for showering together and reduce chance of stds for the future. Same with covered handjobs? How much minimal clothing is suitable for frottage/humping without getting stds? Thank you once again
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Use a condom for sex and oral sex and you have no real risk.
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Thank you for your answer
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