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Chances I have syphilis

Today my partner (only been sexually active 3 weeks now) got a call from his ex she has Syphilis. I always used a condom for intercourse but there was some genital skin contact and unprotected oral sex. He had no sores or rash. Her diagnosis is that she’s had it for months.
I did get a sore throat last week and sinus infection that has also given me an eye infection.
What is the likelihood these “cold” line symptoms are actually Syphilis and what is the likelihood I have or vagibay because there was skin contact? Will I even test positive this early?
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Test at 6 weeks. A painless sore/ulcer is the classic symptom.
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Hi if he did not have any active chancres your risk to contract it is zero as its spread from rubbing contact with a syphilis chancre or the hand and foot rash with secondary syphilis.
Also you might inquire about her test showing positive as a second more sensitive test is giving to confrim its not just antibodies. Either way if you concenred have both of you tested.
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