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Chancre After Penicillin Shot

I was exposed to STDs due to a terrible decision on April 5. The next day I went to the hospital and was given an assessment and received a course of antibiotics which included a penicillin shot for syphilis. Several days later a chancre appeared on the shaft of my penis.  Does this mean that the antibiotic shot did not work? or does it perhaps take a period of time to work? It's been 17 days since treatment already.  Thanks!
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It is probably unlikely to be syphilis. See a Dr for an exam.
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Thanks for the quick response.  I'm definitely going for a check up / follow up testing next week, but I wanted to ask if that's a possibility.  The antibiotics I was given were to prevent the onset of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.  The chancre that showed up matches the description of a syphilis chancre to a T:  A single, small and round sore, no pain or discomfort, some discharge at first (it no longer discharges).  I have not displayed any other symptoms or discomfort at all. Other than the unsightly sore, I feel great. I guess what i'm getting at goes back to the original question... can a sore still develop even after treatment? it was a single penicillin shot and I was not advised to go back for a follow up treatment (Dr. @ hospital said a single shot right after exposure should be more than sufficient).  
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Google a picture of syphilis sores. I would guess yours looks different
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Looks just like most of the pictures.  No matter, though. I'm still going to have it looked at... I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity and find out if a chancre can still develop after getting a penicillin shot 24 hours after exposure. Can this happen?
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Well anything is possible, just don't think it is likely.

What was your exposure?
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unprotected penetrative oral and anal sex after a night of drinking way too much and making the horrendous decision to have sex with someone I just met (still kicking myself over it).  My baseline status was clean prior to this encounter. I have been with only 1 monogamous partner for the last 5 years and I was screened and tested squeaky clean about 1 year ago. In case you're wondering, I am also taking nPEP in case of HIV exposure.
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Not sure if an appearance of a Syphilis chancre is possible after only 7-8 days of exposure... especially after taking a Penicillin shot.

You need to go have the chancre looked at as soon as possible.
I wouldn't wait until next week if I was in your position.
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