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Chancre or Paranoia?


I'm a 20 year old female college student. I'm in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend of two years, he is my sole sexual partner. I've never had vaginal sex with anyone else.

About two days ago, I noticed slight pain on my labia majora, and found a small lesion/ulcer looking spot. It's pretty small, round, and no major discoloration. No pus, just a reddish color and painful to the touch. After discovery, of course I took to the internet and have tried to figure out what it could be. I do shave regularly, so there is the possibility of an ingrown hair but its not sticking out in the way a pimple would from an ingrown hair. The frightening alternative would by a syphilis chancre, but I can't find very many pictures of them to compare. I have no other symptoms, and I've talked to my boyfriend and he has had no such sore/pain or any other symptoms of syphilis ever.

I have an appointment with my obgyn in a few months, but I need advice if I need to seek more urgent help. My insurance plan isn't the best, so I'm hoping that I'm just getting carried away on internet searches, but I would love another opinion. Thank you so much for any help.


above is the picture.
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We don't look at pictures but I would doubt this is any relation to syphilis. Syphilis is rare in developed countries among hetrosexual population.
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