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Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Infection possibility?

Three days ago I had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker.  She performing oral sex on me.   I know the risk is fairly low, but I am wondering just how low?  I ask because now, and maybe I am being paranoid that I have some burning sensation maybe a bit of pain in the urethra and tip of the penis when squeezed.  It's only been three days.   Doctor says I need to wait 7 days for a test, which I plan to do.  I may also opt for an HIV and Syphilis test at a later date.  
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low as unlikely to get, but possible
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Ok thank you.  I would also like to know that if I took the medication now with or without symptoms if I did have anything if it would kill it or not?  Or would the incubation period need to be reached first before the medication would be effective?  

The only real symptom I feel right now is increased urination which of course could be caused by many things, including stress, other bacterial infections, maybe I got a yeast infection from her, and of course the STD itself.  

Also wondering when symptoms start appearing if they ever do, is there an order they appear in or are they just random?  Like first comes what and then....  ?  

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We don't recommend self medication.

Symptoms can start 2-5 days after the event, no specific order
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Hi, what I meant was that when I go for testing if I think I have caught something to also ask the doc to go ahead and give me the treatment before the results come out.  As I think I may have caught something I had considered to ask the doctor to go ahead and treat me first.

In addition, do you think it is too early for testing if I go after 4 1/2 days?
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A Dr will do what he/she thinks is best.

I would give it another day for testing, but 4 1/2 if you must SHOULD be ok.
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Ok, thank you.

do you think if the Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests show up negative that there will still be a need to do check HIV, Syphilis and HPV? or others?  Are the risks lower for these than the other two?  The only reason I ask if I still need to do them as I have heard that Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are much easier to catch and the chances of having others go up if these are found...  
only UTIs and Gonorrhea (chlamydia is commonly mistaken to transmit but you cannot tell because the symptoms are too similar with gonnorhea) are commonly transmitted via oral sex. the rests are so rare that you shouldn't be bothering. you dont need to test for the rest unless you showed symptoms, otherwise you can do another check up in 6 months time, or once a year.
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Hi guilt, thanks for your response. I am wondering if I have a UTI, as I have some minor discomfort in the groin area, but no pain or burning when peeing.  I will go get a test tomorrow, hope for quick and no STD results.  Though I will ask them to do a normal UTI test also.

So Chlamydia is not transmitted by oral sex?  That's the first time I have heard that, as what I hear is normally Gonorrhea and Chalmydia are commonly transmitted together.  

Could it be possible that a UTI is transmitted through oral sex?  Or would that be caused by an external factor only?
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