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Chlamydia of the throat

I contracted chlamydia from my boyfriend about 4 months ago. Both he and I were treated, or so he claimed, and that was about a month ago. Two days ago, I gave him oral sex, and this was the first and only sexual contact we've had since then. Now today, my throat is sore and I am experiencing discharge similar to before we were treated from my vagina.

Can I get chlamydia from performing oral sex?

If so, DOES it infect my vagina too even though there was no genital contact?

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Oral chlamydia is rare, but can happen.

It might be just that you have a cold or something, but if you are concerned, then you'd need an oral test to find out.

No, unless you have sex with him, you won't get it vaginally.

If you have doubts that he took his meds, then you shouldn't be having sex with him at all.  

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Oops - missed something.

You should get tested again vaginally as well, since you have symptoms again.  Its probably a good idea that you both do.

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I found out recently that i contracted chlamydia from someone else. I have a steady partner that i have been with a while and have had sex with him since the incident. The sex was protected with condoms on every occasion, but we both give and recieved oral. Is it likely that i have given it to him from this?

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