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I got chlamydia. And I have a lot of questions :S

My boyfriend had cheated on me once in 2006 and I got my paps done and everything came fine.

I had felt some burning while uriating in June of 2007 and never went to the doctor because I didn't think it was necessary since it was just twice. Since then it had never happend to me again.

I was called by my doctor last week after taking my paps test and came out positive for chlamydia.
I told my parter about the test result. He says to not have cheated on me, and I beleive him we have been together for about 3 yeras now.

Is thier any was of getting chlamydia other that sex?

The doctor gave  me medication I forgot the name but it was a powder I had to drink with a glass of water, Is that enough?

How long after we get treated can we have sex again?

Im really scared :(

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It's 99,9% impossible of getting chlamydia without sex. I don't know what to say but there's something wrong there. If both of you were negative... why would you be positive now? About your last question, you must ask your doc since HE's the one who gave you the antibiotics.

See you.
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The powder you took was in all likely hood Zithromax, 1g suspension, which has an excellent cure rate when used to treat Chlamydia.

And as above, realistically there is no non sexual route to acquire Chlamydia.

You should wait a week after finishing your meds before your can have sex again.  Your partner must be treated as well.

The only other possibility would be a false positive now (you'll never know after the Zithromax), or that your prior test was a false negative.  Those are both unlikely scenarios, but they do happen.
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