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Clear Penile Discharge NO STDs???

I had a protected sexual encounter (condom protected) with a female of unknown status 4 months ago..Since the encounter 4 months ago I have had several urine tests the first one was one week after the encounter and was a blanket test to check for anything and everything (according to my GP) the other tests were at different times over the last 4 months and were to check for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (which came back Negative), another urine test for general infection (not just for STDs) which was also negative and I had another urine test done just last week at an STD clinic who checked again for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea but also Mycoplasma Genitalium these tests also came back as negative..I have also had a few courses of antibiotics over the last 4 months prescribed by my GPs while waiting for test results (3 different 5 day courses)

BUT, I have been suffering with a clear discharge since this encounter as well as an irritated penis glans (tip of my penis) both my GPs and the STD clinic was shown the irritation (via a picture I had taken as it has been coming and going intermittently since the encounter) and brushed it off as some type of contact dermatitis, though I have never had any irritation before, it started a few days after the encounter and nothing in my washing/bathing ritual has changed.

I am also mainly concerned about the discharge.. according to my doctors and an STD clinic I have nothing to worry about and have no infection yet I keep leaking this CLEAR sticky fluid (it resembles pre ejaculatory fluid) but is happening at random times WITHOUT arousal.. As well as a very slight urine leakage.. Sometimes I will be sitting and feel a wet spot in my pants)

WHAT COULD BE CAUSING THIS?? I am trying to stay calm as all my tests have been NEGATIVE but this symptoms remain, they are NOT psychological (I am not imagining a clear discharge and urine leakage) the irritation comes and goes randomly and both the GPs I have seen and the STD clinic dont have any answers.
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Since nothing could get inside your penis using a condom, nothing your mentioning would be an std from your affair. It would appear your forcing this liquid out by constant pulling. It appears all anxiety related.
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I've had the same issue since a protected vaginal encounter with a girl I had just met.  Clear sticky discharge that comes and goes.  I've been tested for HIV twice, gon, cly, syph, herp 1/2, twice and had a general urine test for infections and they've all been negative.  My encounter was summer of 2015 and I still get penis tip irritation daily.  Unless I'm busy at work or have my mind totally off of it.  The only thing that had changed is that my clear child has stopped, maybe a couple months ago.   Doctors don't know what is cousins the irritation.  Maybe a nerve disorder or some form of urethral scar tissue.
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Hi, marriedandworried8 can I ask you a few questions? I am curious about a few things as our symptoms seem to be the same.

I read the thread you created, what stuck out to me was the sock and what you did with it, I do not do the same thing BUT I am constantly touching my feet when relaxing at night etc (and since the encounter I have also been constantly touching/checking my penis)

Have you had any glans irritation/redness?? And are you circumsized? I AM having glans irritation as well as the clear discharge and I am NOT circumsized, I am curious to know if this could be some kind of fungal infection that is also causing a clear urethral discharge?

My irritation is intermittent and since the encounter I have been careful to gently clean and DRY my glans which seems to have cleared up the redness but the discharge remains.. However, I believe whatever is causing the irritation also remains too as if I do not shower for a day or completely dry my penis the irritation returns.

I will be interested to know if you have any of this redness or irritation, I am wondering if this could be some type of fungal infection that I/We have given to urselves by constant inspection of ourselves without clean hands etc
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I did have some swelling of the meatus opening of my urethra but other than that , discharge, urethra pain,  no other issues.  STD free.  I am circumcised, no gland redness. I have no idea, doctors won't really prescribe anything unless they find something positive in a test.
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