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Cluster of bumps on pubic area

I am a 19 year old male who has had only one sex partner, who I am still currently dating.  I know for a fact that she does not have any STDs but there has been a problem.  Not to long ago(Maybe 3 months) she had her wisdom teeth cutout and ended up having a reaction to the anesthetic.  She had a viral infection which caused the lips of her vagina to swell.  After a week or two after she had been on her medication we continued having sex.  Then shortly after I have developed these fleshy bumps which started out as one or two and now there are several (around 12).  They vary in size some being  4-6 mm and the others very small.  They do not hurt, itch, or extract white puss like I have been reading from other people posting.  I have no idea what they are but have had them for a couple months.  If I pull them off it hurts a little and bleeds a lot.  They are not on my shaft just in the region where I have hair, and its not ingrown hairs.  I would be more than willing to post a picture giving you a better idea as to what I have.  Please help!
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See a Dr, if you know your gf does not have a STD then this can't be a STD.
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In my college health class we are learning about STDs and STIs (Sexually transmitted Infections) and I'm just curious if I should be concerned.  I talked to my girlfriend today and she said she also had a bacterial infection during the time of our intercourse.  If you still have no idea then I guess I should get my lazy butt to a doctor.
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obviously something is going on. you really need to be seen and get these properly evaluated. do not continue to pick or prod at them either since typically that only makes things worse/spread.

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