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Concern about Protected and unprotected encounters

So I have had a few protected (oral and insertive) intercourses with some escorts (over the past few months). Recently, in the past couple of weeks, had an unprotected oral (gave did not receive) with another male of unknown STD status. What risks am I at?

I don't have any symptoms as such but worried and wondering if I should watch out for anything (hiv herpes or any other major stds)

Thanks in advance
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Oral sex exposes you to syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes. HIV risk through oral sex is negligible. There are even experts that say there is not a risk at all.
You can go for a full std screen;

-28 days after the intercourse you can test for HIV using a duo combo ag/ab test. But if you want to use an antibody test (finger-prick) you will have to wait for 3 months to get accurate.
-3 weeks after the intercourse you can test for gonorrhea.
-3-6 weeks would be ok for syphilis, but if you get it negative, it would be interesting to re-test after 3 months, as there are people that take longer to show any symptom.
-3 months after the intercourse you can test for herpes.
Thanks for the quick reply (bit more worried now actually). How about the other part where I mentioned about protected intercourses? Is that something I can be sure was not risky?
Obviously if you were protected you didn't have any risk at all. When I listed the risk as I started saying, "oral sex exposes you to..." it was regarding your unprotected oral intercourse.
You just need to make sure the condom didn't break or move. If it moved, as long as the glans is covered, there is not any risk.
Okay thank you. I'll wait for 3 months and get everything tested at once. Thanks for the clarification.
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Hi Dragonpulse

It’s been a month since my last encounter. I don’t have any symptoms like I read in the forums here. Do you think now would be a good time to do a comprehensive test for all? Thanks
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