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Condom broke for like 5sec. HIV? STDs?

Hey guys,

I am really worried. I will keep this very brief. This happened like 2 hours ago.

-Had sex with a prostitute in Beijing, China. Around US$150. It was through an outcall agency that claimed each girl was tested every month. But I am willing to assume this is false.

-Protected all the way, except for a small window when we heard a popping noise and then I pulled out to find the top of the condom broken. We then stopped. This window of penetration while the condom was broken was <5sec.

Apart from penetration, there was no oral contact whatsoever between mouth-mouth or mouth-genitalia. There was kissing and such around our bodies, such as neck, ears, chest, etc.

I am worried I have STDs, but most notably HIV. Here are my Qs

1. How likely is it that I have HIV?

2. How likely is it that I have another STD?

3. Does my exposure risk warrant getting PEP?
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HIV probably very unlikely-same with other STDs.

She probably didn't have HIV.

You were only unprotected for short time.

Odds of catching it from person with it during full-on, full-length repeated sex are supposed to be like 1 in a 1,000.

That said, I am not an expert here. Wait for their replies. I hope my comment helped while you wait and I hope they don't delete my comment.

Also, there is an HIV forum-probably should post hiv questions there.

Risk of other STDs is also considered low for such a short exposure.
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I would agree with NGUW with his comments. Pep is only for exposure to a known hiv positive person.
Testing would be recommended however for the protection of future partners.
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My advice, HHWY: don't sweat it too much.

Is there a significant other in your life?

Life: thanks for not deleting my comment.
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