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Condom spillage


I am a female who had protected vaginal sex with a heterosexual American male. He ejaculated inside me but then immediately lost his erection causing his penis to slip out while the condom stayed in me. The condom spilled out a little around my vaginal opening (I was on my back). I washed it off with soap and water a few minutes later. My question is whether there is risk of any STDs from this type of exposure and if so which ones?
I should also mention that I had a minor vaginal tear at the entrance to my vagina from the sex, which is where the semen spilled.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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it's still low risk. herpes, hpv and syphilis are the main risks from protected sex.  

is this a regular partner who's std status you are aware of or just a one night stand type of situation?

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When the condom slipped out was the condom hanging from your vagina?
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This was a one night stand during travels throughout the USA.
Yes, the condom was peaking out of my vagina when it slipped off his penis and stayed in me.

This was protected sex all throughout, only contact was between the semen that leaked out of the condom and my vaginal opening area (including on my vaginal tear). So I'm hoping the risk is minimal but would still like to understand what it is.
Thanks for your help.
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since you can't easily ask him to test and show you results, then if you need the peace of mind, follow up with testing to cover your bases.

the risk of  a std from a one time mostly protected encounter is in general very low.

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Could you specify which STDs may be worth testing for given the contact? Thanks again.  
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herpes and syphilis are your biggest risks from mostly protected sex. hpv is also a risk but we don't test for external hpv infections.

have you had your gardasil shots?

up to you if you want to totally cover your bases with testing for chlamydia , gonorrhea and hiv too.
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