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Confused about genital wart "70 percent" diagnosis

I'm a healthy 21-year old female. My fiance and I lost our virginity to one another three years ago and have been sexually exclusive with one another ever since. My regular MD felt I should wait until age 21 to have my first pap smear, so all routine physicals have been through her. Nothing has come up irregular.

This week I had my first pap smear. My doctor delivered the news that she "thinks" I have genital warts. She said that she would prescribe me Aldara cream to apply topically, but that she was only "70 percent sure" that this was a case of HPV. She also said she did not want to do a biopsy because she felt it was unnecessary.

I was shocked! She held a mirror against the exam table and pointed out several small pollups of skin I have always had, most of which are on my inner labia and one of which is quite large and irregular in shape (it looks nothing like the images of genital warts I've seen online).  I had always assumed that these were normal. They've never irritated, itched, or changed size. I can't say when I first noticed them because, like so many women, I've never really examined myself in much detail.

I'm completely horrified that I may have contracted a STD. How is this possible? I've had literally no intimate physical contact with anyone but my fiance. Six years ago I had a Plantar Wart removed from my foot, is it possible that this is a residual infection from that? If this is genital warts, will I continue to have outbreaks for the rest of my life? Is it possible I can transmit this to someone else through regular physical touch?

I know this sounds extreme, but I feel a bit like my identity as a clean, healthy person has crumpled. I really need some guidance.

Thank you.
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I will let someone else answer who has more info on HPV, but I can tell you that you have no reason to have crumbled. Even if you have HPV you are not dirty. My wife had it years ago before I met her and it was no big deal when she told me. And HPV clears it's self from the body so it is not something you have for life.
I do question the Dr's judgement on not biopsy the spot or spots. This would give a firm diagnosis.
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If you both were virgins, this isn't going to be HPV.  I agree about the biopsy, and would do this before you use the aldara.

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