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About two weeks after a sexual encounter which included unprotected anal, I started to experience a warmth and tingling sensation in my public region. This led me to get tested for STI and all came back negative. The area was slightly itchy, scrotum, penis and surrounding so I was provided a fungal cream. About a week later my left testicle began to hurt and hang a little lower. The scrotum also became bright red. I went back to the doctor for a uti test and was provided cephalexin. Test was negative and treatment did not work. Went back to the doctor, took a test for gon and chlamydia both negative again but was provided doxicyclin which again did not do much. Testicular pain is now fading but the rash appears to be growing. I have some redness on my penis and scrotum still as well as the area around the base of penis. I have no difficulty urinating and no lesions or sores. Doctors seem to be stumped so was hoping for any insight! I have had pretty severe anxiety regarding this.
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Have you been tested for mycoplasma? It's a newer STI, and it may not be included in what you were tested for.



There is some resistance to doxy, so the treatment is doxy, followed by other antibiotics. If you're in the US, there is an FDA approved test for this.
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I was not. I did bring this up to the doctor (2 separate ones at different urgent care facilities) and they both kind of brushed it off due to no discharge and no pain urinating.
I can see why they'd think that, but it wouldn't hurt to rule it out. Nothing else seems to be causing it. Have you seen a urologist? That would be a good next step.
I have not yet that is probably the next step. Is there anything else this could possibly be? I know there’s no way of knowing, but just curious so I can be informed as possible before I go to the doctor.
It could be anxiety and a hyper-awareness of the area, it could be something functional going wrong - maybe something with your prostate or something else in the area, you could be dehydrated, experiencing irritation from something you are eating or drinking - there are lots of possibilities. You might even have a compressed nerve.

Things like caffeine and alcohol are very irritating to the bladder and prostate. Try increasing your water intake and decreasing caffeine and alcohol, if you drink a lot of either.

Get a referral to a urologist, and go from there.
Thank you so much for all your information, it is appreciated and helpful!
One more question, I just finished Doxicycline Sunday. How long should I wait before getting a test for MG?
I'd wait at least 2 weeks. If you're in the US, and can get a referral to a urologist, it will likely be at least that long to get into one, so I'd start that process now.
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