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Contract any STD with using condom and skin contact?


I recently visited a working girl and she applied baby oil on me and gave me a massage. She then put a condom on me and went on to gave me oral sex and later on penetrative sex. I also touched her vagina with my fingers and lick her nipples briefly.

Then she said she had some red bumps on her upper thighs, lower thighs and bump, it looked like mosquito bites but they are not (no mosquitoes in the room). I didnt give it any thought as I was thinking it was just sensitive skin to dustmite or something bed bugs. (I later checked images online for dustmite/bed bugs allergies but it didnt look similar). I also touched the red bumps briefly with my fingers.

We then ended our session and I had shower.

My question is that will I contract any STD through this encounter? (I never had sex with a working girl before this, only my partner, who is currently pregnant). Please advise.
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Hi, very low risk activity and testing would only be recommended if you have symptoms OR have a regular partner and since shes pregnant test for the below for her protection.
1. Syphilis-------6 weeks post exposure
2. Herpes-------3 months
Hi thanks for the prompt reply. Are syphilis and herpes contractable via skin contact (touching vagina, touching the red mosquito-bite-like bumps and/or licking the nipples)? (since I have used a condom)
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Its through skin contact, but not so much touching but areas outside the condom that made skin contact like your pubic mound area. This is for your pregnant wifes protection only, not yours.
Hi once again, thanks for your answers. They are indeed very helpful. Can I just check with you regarding the sort of contact I can have with my pregnant wife until I get tested negative? For example, can I kiss, touch her body and privates, have sex (with or without condom) etc. She's currently in her 22 weeks pregnancy. Really appreciate your advice.
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i would put my wife and childs safety first .std's can cause birth defect's ,and possibly miscarraige .its up to you ultimately .but it would be very unfortunate if your child had to suffer a lifetime for you to have a brief moment of pleasure.
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