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Could it Be a Chancre?

i have a raised bump where my penis ends and testicle sack starts. From my memory it is from when I shaved this area and as the hair grew back. Now I am wondering if it is a chancre from syphillis as I had a one night stand with a girl. I did use a condom, the condom came off, it didn't break but at some point it went into her and I didn't have it on. No telling when this happened.

The bump is at the bottom of my penis and I feel like it was there for a long time at least 5 months, but now I am second guessing myself and I am like well it wasn't there until after this happened. So I would be at like 5 weeks. My memory sucks I know...

It does 'itch' but it doesn't hurt.

If I had to to describe it, it is the same color as my skin and looks more like a small wart than anything else. It feels like if i really wanted to I could pull it off..

anything helps me here so thank you in advance
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Not a chancre. Atypical location, doesn't form a bump, and chancre always clears up in a few weeks without treatment. Almost certainly no STD and not related to the sexual exposure you mention.
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what does that mean "atypical location" ?

could it be from shaving that area without using a lubricant?
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Chancres occur at sites of friction during sex, which probably doesn't include your groin.  I can't guess at other causes, but what you suggest might be possible.
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