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Could this be an STD

Male 40's last sexual exposure over a year ago protected vaginal unprotected oral. Normaly good health, Never any sysmptoms of anything.  To Docs dont think I have any worry about HIV  so now I am turning to std in general.  About a week ago I noticed a bump or swollen gland in the right side of my neck that hurts when I touch it. . I have had swollen glands before when I was sick with the flu.  This lump  feels diffrent more like a marble size round bump its in my neck about an inch under my jaw on left side , same place where you would feel your swollen glands when sick. But this one is diffrent  I also for the first time ever have a canker sore on the inside of my lip.  Looks little like a swollen lip and the blister is flat and white and soft. Wife gets them and docs tell her its stress related.  But I have never had one.  Being the blister is right above the lump on my neck could this be an STD that has been in my body and is now coming out.  Could this be a swollen limph node. Could I have had a std fro over a year and had no symptoms at all ? I thought I read that most std except HIV and HEP  cure themselves or show symptoms soon enough.   Thanks for all your input
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I'd doubt that this is an std, and you should follow up with your doctor about this.

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