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Could this be an STI?

Recently I got a massage at an Asian massage parlor and received a handjob. Three days later I had a physical which showed trace amounts of blood and protein in my urine and the presence of immature granulocytes in my blood.  Immature granulocytes occur as an early-stage response to an infection.  I can only conclude that I was infected by something at the massage parlor.  It has been 11 days and I have no other symptoms.  Any idea what kind of infection would cause trace amounts of blood and protein in the urine?
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You could have a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection. It could even be dehydration. Did it define which ones you had?

This is just a list of them, and every lab uses different ranges, but does your list them out this way?

Normal Ranges for Immature Granulocytes:

Neutrophils – 40–80% (2.0–7.0×10 9 /l)

Lymphocytes – 20–40% (1.0–3.0×10 9 /l)

Monocytes – 2–10% (0.2–1.0×10 9 /l)

Eosinophils – 1–6% (0.02–0.5×10 9 /l)

Basophils – < 1–2% (0.02–0.1×10 9 /l)


How high were yours? Sometimes some of these can be slightly elevated with dehydration.
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Oh and STDs don't typically cause protein in your urine. Massages and handjobs are not risk behaviors for STD transmission. You couldn't have gotten an STD from those.
My lab results don't list them out.  It just says "Immature Granulocytes 1%".

If I have a UTI or kidney infection, wouldn't you expect symptoms like pain and frequency urination.  I have no symptoms at all.
You would eventually. 1% is really low, which suggests more inflammation than infection. What is your doctor saying about this?

Thank you.  My doctor says that this is not worrisome.
I'd listen to that, then. :)
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