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Could this be syphilis

I sometimes see escorts and have given oral to them in the past (female escorts) I also get coldsores from time to time, maybe 3 or 4 a year, two days ago I felt as though I was getting a coldsore so I put aftershave on it and used coldsore cream straight away several times in hope of stoping the 'coldsore' now it's not come like a normal coldsore its a circular Mark that looks similar to a burn on my lip like if I had put a cigerette out on my lip, is this possibly a syphilis chancre or have I just stoped the coldsore and due to the aftershave and coldsore cream its stoped it coming? Slightly worried, thanks In advance
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On average a syphilis sore appears about 3 weeks after exposue but can take between 10 and 90 days. Also to contract it you would need to have an open lip sore for the germs to enter at the time of the oral and she would need an active open sore at the time to transmit it. If any of these were not present you can rest its not syphilis but if you concerned have a doc check it.
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