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Couple's sex life after HPV and HSV-1?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now; we're in a serious committed relationship and plan on getting married, children, the whole package - but life isn't so easy!

I recently tested positive for HSV-1 and HPV. I have reason to believe that I had HSV-1 before I entered the relationship, as I do remember having a certain corner of my lip swell and chap once or twice during the last 2-3 years. I understand how common it can be, and for some reason, it has never broken out into a full-scale cold sore (like those horrific pictures on the web). [Note: HSV-1 was diagnosed by blood work]

HPV though, came out of left field. I developed small warts on the outer part of my vagina, and promptly ran to the gyno, was diagnosed [visually and by pap], and the warts were removed. I understand that HPV is 'tricky' in the sense that it can be quite silent, and as I am 30, and he is 32, it's impossible to know who gave it to whom... in fact, it could be that we both had it to begin with! [Note: Both my family doctor and gyno said the HPV strain seemed weak]

My question is this: How can we go about our sex life from now on?

1. He is desperate to know if he has HPV, but I understand there is no test for men, is this correct?
2. Test or no test, he probably has it anyway, am I correct?
3. What is the best way to go about our sexuality?
-What are the chances of spreading HPV to oral areas, and HSV-1 to genital areas?
-I understand that we will need to use condoms for oral sex from now on, but is there really a point in using condoms for intercourse (assuming of course, there isn't an HPV 'outbreak')
- Does having HPV mean you HAVE to develop warts? He doesn't show any signs of warts, so he is under the impression that he is HPV-free (I disagree).

Thanks in advance for your input!
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you've been together a year so from a hpv stand point, really nothing needs to change. one of you had hpv and didn't know it and you've both been exposed to it repeatedly now.   we don't have commercially available hpv tests for males to see if he also has it. since genital warts are only a cosmetic issue, not a health threat, it's really just a nuisance issue and nothing else.

as far as hsv1, has he been tested to know his own status?

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You're right, I forgot to add that! He tested negative for hsv1 two months ago.
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totally up to the two of you if you want to only have protected oral sex or not. it's a decision to make together.

indeed it's common to have hpv but not have any obvious symptoms on yourself.

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