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Descent Size Lump Under Skin

Ok, I have no idea what I am dealing with here. I am an 18 year old straight male. A few days ago I noticed a had a lump under my skin, maybe an 1/2 inch or so big, it is right on the crease of my leg down by my groin. It was a little swollen and tender to the touch. So I went online and looked around... I thought maybe it could be a hernia (i do a lot of lifting at my job) or maybe a swollen lymph node(spelling?) but I didn't think it was herpes.

Now, A few minutes ago I decided to check my lump again, and on the top of my lump is an open sore. This has just scared the **** out of me.

My question is this... Is it possible that this isn't herpes? I mean... It could be... the last time I was sexually active was a few weeks ago... but wouldn't the sores appear on my penis? This whole deal has me extremely worried to the point where when I get home from work all I can think about is this damned lump. The part that really sucks is I just signed up for insurance at my new job and it won't take effect until May 1st... Which means I have to wait 3 weeks to even find out what it is! This is really bugging the hell out of me. Could I please get some help. Thank you.
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I also want to say that it doesn't itch or burn or hurt at all for that matter. It's just a little tender.
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Well, the more I think about it the more I wonder if I am just being super paranoid. I mean, what ever it is I definatly need to get it looked at by a doctor, but I don't think it's herpies. It has a characterisitic but I think I am just preparing myself for the worse and just getting a little to freaked out. The location where the 'blister/sore' is at is right on the crease of my leg, and when I sit down the 'blister/sore' or whatever it is isn't even visible, it gets 'hidden' by my skin since it is in that crease. It could be just a blister from irritation and something rubbing on it long enough I guess.
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This could be many things - a fungal infection or a bacterial infection is on the top of the list. Go see your doctor monday and have it looked at.  if it gets worse before then - go be seen at an ER.  It'll be too late for an accurate herpes culture by that point but at least if it look suspicious for herpes from the practioners viewpoint you will know to follow up with testing to find out.

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