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Despite Protection

I recently had vaginal condom protected sex after several years abstinent and was very thorough about the use of the condom. I put it on the right way, no rips, no tears and tested afterwards for leaks. This was on last Thursday, 7/18. Now despite all of this I am seeing today, 7/23, a slightly raised, pin prick, red bump on the head of my penis. No itching, burning or discharge. It originally had a type of scab on it that fell away after thorough washing in the shower. Is it possible that I was still infected with herpes or genital warts regardless of wearing protection? And if not, what else might this be?
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It wouldn't be a wart - it's far too soon to see that, as the incubation period (the point from infection to when you see symptoms) for that is at least a few months.

It is possible to get herpes while wearing a condom, and the timing fits, but the symptoms really don't. Usually, you get symptoms at the point of infection, and since you wore a condom, you'd expect that your symptoms would be outside of the condom-protected area. That's not a hard and fast rule, though. One single pin-prick sized spot isn't typical of herpes, either - it's usually a cluster of blisters, or something that looks like a paper cut.

The blisters usually take a few days to break and then scab over. It sounds like it scabbed over in a day? Am I understanding that correctly?

So what is it? That's hard to say, as it could be lots of things. It could be just irritation - did it rub against a zipper? It could be a fungal infection, or the start of one. It could be dermatitis, an allergic reaction to something. The only way you'll know is to get it checked.

I wish I had more definitive answers for you, but let us know what the doctor says.

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Thank you very much,

Im beginning to thing it was something more benign as its already halved its size, and most completely shrunk since the scab fell off and is turning a pinkish/red color, closer to skin color and is getting tough to find, more like a red dot rather than a red bump anymore.

This is after thorough washing and the  a little anti-biotic ointment i put on to jeep something out of the descrabbed area.

Im sure I will still go to the doctor to be sure, if there's anything to show the doctor, but Im but there was no pus, or fluid that came out when it descrabbed and nothings leaked out sense. My 'google research' makes me think it was just a mild infection or an irritated spot.

I totally agree with you. If it were herpes, it wouldn't have cleared up that quickly.

You didn't mention syphilis, but if it comes up in your research, it's also far too soon for you to get a syphilis sore - earliest for that is 3 weeks. The sore would also last at least 3 weeks.

Let us know what the doctor says if you end up going. :)
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