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Diagnosed with Molescum Contageosum

I just got word from the doctor that I officially have Molescum Contageosum, which is what i told them to begin with thanks to this website. They cut off one of the legions and sent it in, and its definitely MC.

Here is the question. How long is the contagious period? Its down around my groin area so ive been stringing along this girl im dating for the past month saying i want to wait on the sex... but im pretty sure shes going to want some tonight, and my nice guy facade isn't going to work again on her.

I have had the infection for aleast a month now, and i have been using Aldara (600 bucks for a box of oitment!!!) for the past 2 weeks... so can i still infect a girl even with a condom on? its down above my penis like on my low low stomach.
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Yes you can, basically when the infection is not visible anymore is when you can't infect her.
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Is there any way to speed up the process of getting rid of the Mollescum?

I heard your could cut them open and take out the core to kill them... does this work?
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I do not know. MC is not a subject that I know much on, so I always tell the person to follow up with there Dr.
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I had this for a couple of months on my bottom. And because one cheek would touch the other it just kept spreading. Don't get them burned off, they will come back. If you apply tea tree oil with a cue tip twice a day and then apply clear nail polish on them, and cover it with a band aid- it will go away within at least three weeks. I had several, and did this for a month. Warning- they might look hugely red and dry and rash-like at one point- don't panic- this means it is healing. You want them to dry up. It might be hard not to scratch- which will make them spread more. Don't towel dry them- air or blowdry.

Don't stress this is the cure and be patient!
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Have you tried ozonated olive oil? Google it. Many folks are getting results from this.
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