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Did I catch Syphilis?

I went to an asian massage parlour, the person was a shemale and gay. I didn't pay much attention. The guy gave me a handjob. I gave him one as well. this was 4 years ago.His penis had a small bump below the head/glans.
that's about it. No anal contact, no sex, no kissing.
that was just once. ever since then, I never had sex of any kind with anyone - still a virgin.
But I've been having canker sores on my lip once in a while - especially after I eat something that would increase my acidity - like if I ate peanut butter sandwiches alot - sometimes it would appear on my tongue as well. I have had abrasions from masturbation as well. One time my penis got so much pain from using a soap on skin below the glans. then recently I haven't been very hygenic - it was very cold winter, and difficult to take a warm shower everyday - my penis developed a cut somehow - and it just looks weird now.
here's a photo:- https://s.yimg.com/tr/i/02502196ca554771a5f5834e725ca15b_A.jpeg

Is this syphilis? I also moved to another country and ever since that, I noticed my tongue has had two painless sore like things. I can't even see them unless I look very close. Is this Syphilis?
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The correct term is transgender, not shemale.

It sounds like you are experiencing canker sores or cold sores - not syphilis. Syphilis sores don't recur like this. If they are on the outside of your lip, it's more likely to be a cold sore (hsv1), and if it's inside your lip, it's likely to be canker sores, which are super common.

Syphilis isn't transmitted by a handjob, either. No STD is.

If it's hard to take a warm shower, then maybe just wash yourself with warm water at the sink. I don't look at pics - I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose - but google balanitis and see if that fits. You should get new symptoms checked out by a doctor.

If you've ever had sex - oral sex or genital to genital sex (vaginal or anal), and are concerned about syphilis, it's easy to find out if you have it with a simple blood test. If all you've ever done is a handjob, you don't need to worry about STDs.
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Thank you, I just got the results of the blood test - theres no syphilis. Apparantly it was just a hygeine issue - there is a bacterial infection of some kind and I need to take meds though.
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