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Do I have an STD or hemorrhoids?

I'm a 20 year old female. I am begining to think there is something wrong with my anus. I noticed three days ago that there is blood on the toilet paper when I have a bowel movement. I also felt it because there was slight discomfort when I go. I found a bump on there, it's not flat, or seperated from the anus at all. it's like a piece of my anus is swollen. I believe it popped or was bleeding much more yesterday.

Do I have some sort of disease? Have I got an STD? I've very concerned and want to know more. I am going to attatch a photo of it even though this is very embarassing. Please if you can help...
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can't put a pic.
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Before I can answer this thoroughly, did you have a sexual exposure or no?
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but I don't know if I've had it to any STD's I've only had three sex partners in my life and I know all of them. None of them have said anything about it too me
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odds are this is a hemorrhoid. see your provider monday for a proper exam.  

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yes, that's what I was thinking also. :) Dr.s office is closed today... but I'm going to make an appointment.
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