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Do I have genital warts?

So I went to the GUM Clinic just over a month ago. I showed her skin tag looking things on my penis and pubic area (3 of them). She wasn’t sure what they were and said she would freeze them off anyway. Now a month later they have grown back. One is actually bigger than before now.

I tried SOMXL cream for weeks but it has not worked.

Any idea? I have pictures but not sure how I upload them on here.
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You can put your pics on a hosting site like imgur and link them here, but we can't diagnose you, and it's often hard to tell warts from skin tags in pics.

Can you go back to your doctor? Skin tags can return, as warts can. Did you get the SOMXL cream from the doc or buy it yourself? You may need to get them treated by your doctor, and not with an over-the-counter treatment.
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