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Do I have herpes or something?

I had unprotected oral sex (receiving) About a month ago. 2 days later my pee burned like hell but there was no bumps or rashes of any sort. I have a few weird symptoms that haven’t gone away like a sore throat on the right side of my mouth, inflammation in my rear tastebuds, mild burning sensation about 75% of the time when I pee. I’ve recently gotten sick with a bad cough and sore throat with blocked nose and have been coughing up phlegm with white chunks. What’s wrong with me?
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It takes more than 2 days to develop urethra symptoms so the burning most likly is an injury from the act itself. And since it was genital you would not get oral symptoms.
Could the burning last up until now if it were an injury?
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Have you seen a doctor? You could have gotten NGU, which is an infection in the urethra, though like Life360 said, 2 days is really early for symptoms to appear. Had you had any prior exposures?

NGU can be caused by lots of things, including normal mouth bacteria or things like adenovirus, which causes bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections. If that bacteria gets into the urethra, it can cause an infection.

Since your symptoms have lingered this long, it's time to see a doctor. Ask them to test you for NGU and gonorrhea, and check your upper respiratory symptoms. You've waited long enough.
Can NGU resolve itself or do you have to go to a doctor?
You need to see a doctor.
And don't put it off - untreated infections can become serious. It's been a month - no reason to wait any longer.
I just noticed the bumps on the front of my tongue have turned red and there are 2-3 small red dots on the roof of my mouth. Is this herpes?!
There is also a medium sized gray bump on the inside of my lip and it is rubbery
Did you kiss the person that gave you oral sex? If you didn't, you wouldn't have oral herpes symptoms. Herpes infects the area where the exposure occurs - if you received oral sex, you'd only have genital symptoms.

If you didn't kiss the person, you can't have been exposed to oral herpes.

You really need to see a doctor. No one here can diagnose you. A doctor who examines you and runs some tests can. Go see a doctor. If cost is an issue, call your local health department and ask about free clinics. Google your county and state and health department, like "Cook County Illinois health department".

To echo auntiejessi mouth symptoms may be your body responding to the infection similar to what I may have.  Infection can cause tonsillar swelling and other oral symptoms
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