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Do I still have syphilis after series of treatments

Hi, a year ago I decided to do anonymous HIV and other STD's tests and I was diagnosed with syphilis. A private doctor prescribed me augmentin xr 1000 for 14 days. When one month has passed after the treatment I had another tests in other clinic and results for syphilis were negative, however I suffered some sort of urticarias, which I guess were an allergic reaction from the antibiotic and I went to see another dermatologist, who said that I still might have syphilis. I went to her clinic she made tests and confirmed that I still have it. Then I was in a clinic for 7 days, treated with ceftriaxone, one injection per day. After that I still had some sort of urticarias which show up and disappear. Several months after that I saw another doctor in different city, where I study... and I had another syphilis tests. She said that the treatment I had before was effective, but I need more injections. Again I was hospitalized for 7 days, treated with medaxone. After several months the same doctor said that she has penicillin and it is good for me to be treated with it. Then I was hospitalized again for 7 days, and the treatment was with penicillin injections which followed  every six hours ( 4 injections) per day. Month after the treatment the doctor made TPH tests and said that there is no difference at all, which is strange, because I was treated with penicillin. She added that one of the tests was negative, another will stay positive for life and there is no increase, neither decrease which I didn't understand. And she wanted me to have another treatment with penicillin depo... So I don't really understand should I have another treatment, am I contagious, should I still sustain from having sex or not, am I ever gonna get cured or not...
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With all that medication you should be cured. As yes one will test positive for a long time but you should notice a drop ion the Tier #. Any way to get those Tier#'s and let me know what they were on all tests?
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Well, I don't really understand those 'Tiers' you've mentioned, probably because my doctor doesn't let me see the results, just tells me herself how they are... However she told that there is no difference for the period when I had tests 4-5 months ago and the test I did a month ago, despite the treatment with penicillin and suggested another treatment with depo penicillin, but I don't know, I feel like I've had too much of a treatment...
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Call and ask for the Tier Numbers, should be 1:5 or 1:8 something like that.
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Ok, I did another TPHA tests and the results were that I have 3 pluses, which I don't know what it means, but my doctor said that they are better than the previous ones...
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Ok, that is good. Keep following the advice of your Dr.
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