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Hi,I'm a 22 year old female and I have only had sex with one guy.We were together for over two years.We broke up and are currently back together and having sex.I have herpes and I am on valtrex.Both times we have recently had sex I've had problems the next day.The first time however I was very dry.The second time we used lube.But it's still been the same problems.It burns when I urinate is the biggest problem.I used a mirror to check things out this time and I am red inside my vagina.I don't see any bumps or anything though.The first time we had sex it hurt some (Obviously since I was dry) the second time it didn't hurt until maybe the last few second to a minute at the most.What do you think? Just rubbed raw? Or a small herpes outbreak? Or something else? Also is it possible that maybe if it was a tiny herpes outbreak the first time that it wasn't completely healed and he just rubbed the scab off? I did have him look when this first happened and he said all he seen was a tiny white dot.
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Post in the herpes forum, but if you have herpes you must have gotten it from him then if he is the only person you had sex with.
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