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Does these tests mean im likely hiv negative

Ok  I had   unsafe sex with some one who has had mutiple partners and caught an ngu. Got that fixed and 30 days later - 35 days i took 2 hiv tests the elisa and a hiv rna test. Both came back negative THANK GOD. Any how i know i need to go back  at 3 months its been   4 so i will go soon. My question is what is the probabiltiy or likely hood of me having hiv when i tested negative the elisa and hiv rna test 30 - 35 days after infection? I would like to know for peace of mind oyu could say im nervous bout goin back an gettin apositive so im just curious on the chance of me havin hiv after those 2tests. thank you plz respond soon ive been freakin out an pretty much stop living my life for last 4months an im only 19 any ways plz let meknow. Thank You
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If you've had the test and came negative, you're most likely fine. They reccmommend HIV testing 30 days after infection, at 3 and 6 months and at one year. However, if they don't even find the virus in your blood the first test, you're fine. i know its nerve racking, I've been there before. You're chance of having HIV are 1/ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
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The testing schedule now for HIV is now 3 months.  IF you have had a KNOWN exposure (as in you had unprotected sex with someone you KNOW for sure is HIV+), then test again at 6 months, but if you don't, testing at 3 months is fine.  

Testing at one month isn't a bad idea either.  90% of those who have HIV will test positive at 1 month.

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