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Does Pain in Testicle and dry skin on Penis mean STI

I had an encounter with a lady (not my regular partner) 3 weeks ago. I used a condom but i noticed that it seems some of her Vaginal fluid had gotten inside the condom somehow. I also gave her Oral sex.  About a week later i noticed some dry skin on the tip of my penis and some slight redness and soreness (i am a Black Male so the soreness wasn't so obvious but it was there). I also have slight pain in my testicles.
I went to the clinic and had some tests last week for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Syphilis, HIV, hepatitis etc which all came back negative. no NSU either from a swab from the penis opening.
The dry skin is not so obvious now and the soreness has gone but the slight testicle pain is still there.
I am convinced i have something but i don't know what it is and i don't want to pass it on to my current partner. I am actually worried about TV which i got about 3 years ago which didn't show up on the test either.
Can anyone put me at ease, please?
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to add...
Also i get from time to time some tingling or slight discomfort in my Penis which goes away quite quickly
I don't have any discharge or pain when Urinating.
I also have some itching on my body with a couple of tiny bumps appearing on my arms.  I don't know but I feel my body is fighting a Virus
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I also forgot to add that the lady did rub her genitals against my penis shaft for a few minutes... Can i contact an STI that way?
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During sex, there is a physical action that can cause discomfort. It's actually quite normal. Sometimes, skin reacts against the lube contained inside condoms and it can cause irritation. As your penetrative sex was protected, there is not too much to worry about.

Your performed oral sex on that lady, which exposed you to gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. You said you tested for all of them 3 weeks later. That time is a good window period for gonorrhea, but not enough to get a clear result for you syphilis and herpes tests. You should wait for 6 weeks before getting tested for syphilis, and 3 months for herpes.

Rubbing is a negligible risk for STDs. Theoretically, if that lady was affected by syphilis or herpes, and your skin touched the lesions caused by these infections, she could have passed them to you. The infection can also take place in presence of vaginal fluid even if there were not lesions.

I recommend you to expire the window period for all those STDs as I showed you before, getting testes and then moving on with your life.

All the best.
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Many thanks for your reply.
I am not doubting your diagnosis but what about the ache in my testicles and the tingling sensations symptoms i am getting? that cant be explained by the condom lubrication surely?
I also dont understand how her vaginal fluid could have gotten in the condom. i could probably say with confidence that there were no lesions on her but are you saying being in contact with her Vaginal fluid could infect me?

Could that and the rubbing or Oral sex have exposed me to Trachomonas? I understand it is diffucult to detect in Men esp Afro Carribean men?

when I explained my situation at the GUM clinic they didnt say anything about the window Period for the STD's you listed. what percentage of effectiveness is having the tests within 3 weeks?

You could have gotten trich from the rubbing. I'm not sure how her fluids got inside the condom either - are you sure it was her fluids and not yours? How do you know they were hers?

Getting syphilis, gonorrhea or herpes from giving oral to a female is pretty low risk (getting herpes from giving oral is pretty rare in general - you're far more likely to get herpes from receiving oral).

Your syphilis test at 3 weeks is about 20-40% accurate, depending on the test. Your herpes test at 3 weeks is about 90-95% accurate, give or take, and this depends entirely on what type of test it is.

Unless you had an oral gonorrhea test, there is no way to know if you have it orally.

Many thanks, AuntyJessi,

I forgot to say they took a swab of my throat at the clinic. Not sure what they tested for but they said it was clear.  

The fluid definitely wasn't mine as i didn't ejaculate and it seemed too much for it to be the condom lubricant.  Maybe it was because the intercourse went on for a while - at least 20 mins. I actually didn't have a Herpes test. I had a Hepatitis test. I will go to the clinic again tomorrow to ask for a Herpes test.

What about the tiny itchy bumps (about 5 or 6) that have appeared on my arms and other areas? Could it be related to any STI?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. It really means a lot.

Can i ask if you are a medical practitioner? You seemed very knowledgable on these topics.  I was on here a few years ago and there were some Doctors responding to queries. Are they still on here?

one other question... how long does Trich take to appear in men or women and are my symptoms common with Trich?
sorry to keep bombarding you with questions...
but can i pass on the infection if i don't ejaculate inside my partner? can the parasite/bacteria live outside the body or on my genitals?
I'm not a medical professional, but have worked in the field for a long time.

Unfortunately, we do not have any doctors any longer. When the site was sold a few years back, some regulatory stuff prohibited that, and we had to stop the doctor feature, which is a real shame.

Arm symptoms (and other locations of the body) are unrelated to STDs. Perhaps you are having an allergic reaction to something, or it's related to the heat, or cold, depending on where you live.

When you're aroused, you release something called pre-ejaculatory fluid. This is normal, and helps prepare your body to release your sperm. https://www.issm.info/sexual-health-qa/what-is-pre-ejaculate-or-precum/

That is what could have been in the condom, and also, what could help transmit trich, if you have it, to another partner.

Men rarely have symptoms of trich. If you get them, they'll show up anywhere from 3 to 28 days. If you think you have this, or any other STD, you shouldn't have sex. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/stds-hiv-safer-sex/trichomoniasis/what-are-symptoms-trichomoniasis

However, your symptoms are not typical of trich, and if you had a swab test, they'd have been able to find trich if you had it, so you don't.

It's okay to let this go. You have tested negative for everything. Maybe you do have something else happening - a fungal infection, perhaps, but it's not an STD. Remember that guilt does not equal risk.

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