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Does the Molluscum virus remain in the body always even if there are no lesions?

I had sex with person X from Jan 2015-June 2015

I had sex with person Y from June 2015-Nov 2015

I started getting lesions from late July/early Aug. Lesions increased in number with increased sex with Person Y from Sept to Dec and this bothers me a lot since I am to get married to Y

I was diagnosed with Molluscum 2 weeks back

Person X and Person Y both claim to have had sex last with another partner in Oct 2012. Both were inspected by a gynecologist and no lesions were present and all tests (std/pap) were negative

Some of the below questions are interrelated depending on your answers. Sorry for the redundancy.  
1) Will virus causing Molluscum remain in the body forever (even if it’s inactive) after lesions are cured? Or does the virus completely leave the body after lesions are cured?
a. If the virus leaves the body, is it safe to assume that X or Y had acquired it from someone more recently than Oct 2012 as they claim?
b. If virus remains in body, can someone with the virus transmit it sexually even after lesions are gone, say 1-2 years after they had first acquired it or even anytime during their lifetime?

2) Can lesions recur 6-12 months after disappearing?

3) Can the incubation period be 7-8 months?

4) Will lesions increase in number with increased sex with infected person?

I am very worried that I will get molluscum with higher intensity if I continue to have sex with the person infected, and therefore, would like to get out of it while I can without it affecting two lives. The fact that the lesions increased in number during Sept-Dec indicates to me that Person Y is infected and if I continue to have sex with this person, I will experience increased lesions. I do not want to marry her and then not be able to deal with the consequences since that would break a marriage apart. Therefore, I would like to get a better understanding of things and based on that, I will make a decision.  
I did a lot of researching online and there are conflicting ideas that just do not add up or make sense to my scenario. Please help! I'd appreciate it. There's a lot at stake for the three involved. Thanks in advance to all :)
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1.once the bumps are gone the virus is no longer in your body.
2.average is 14  to 50 days to appear
3.could but its not average
4. the more you touch them (exposed) the more you would get.
Thank you @Life360 for your response.
Also, both women say that they had sex last in Oct 2012. I'm sure one of the two had this before me. In such a case, the person had to have carried the virus in her for at least 2.5 years. Is this possible?
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The virus is not carried. There needs to be a an active bump to spread it.
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