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Ear nibble body kisses

Hi i got nasterbated by a guy no sex. In a heat by mistake I nibbled his ears twice also I kissed his cheeks chest multiple Times but make sure no lip kiss
Next morning I had sore throat I am just scared does my exposure put me in any of the risk of STI or HIV
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No, ear nibbling is not a way to get HIV or STD's.  Those are sexually transmitted and the ears are not really involved in that.  HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing of IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate that virus.  STD's are not spread by ear nibbling or cheek kissing.
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Hi GuitarRox thanks for your support.
Just a last thing I am not sure about his Ear condition. If there is presence of some blood or some saliva from other guys as they too were kissing him. Still there is no risk? Do you think i can keeep this episode behind n Resume my normal life?
Any answer?
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