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Early Testing

Is it too early to get tested at the local clinic thirteen days after latest possible exposure?  I am thinking of going today to help ease my mind.  I haven't been able to sleep or even work, and I cannot imagine another 10 weeks of this.  My anxiety comes and goes.  At times I have moments of clarity and rational thought, and then other times I wake up in the morning and it's all I can think/worry about.  

This has truly been a reality check for me.  My lifestyle is not worth the worry anymore.  My life has been a mess the last 18 months, and to test today would at least rule out the other 2 dozen+ times I have put myself at risk (I actually lost count months ago).  In fact, for 4+ years I have put myself at risk off and on.  These are not "street walkers" but call girls, who as far as I could tell had no drug addictions.  I have no real "physical" reason to believe I am sick, but one night I was laying in bed thinking about my last encounter, and I just thought how sick the person looked - bruises on her legs and stupid stuff like that.  The problem is, once you are in the act and you start to notice that stuff I begin to question the tunnel vision my penis has.  Could it be that we get so horny and in to the moment that we actually put ourselves at much higher risk than we think by lowering our standards?  I received receptive unprotected oral from her, very light, and gave very light oral, and she seemed clean except that she looked a little beat up.  I know my chances are very low.  I actually worry more about her being a needle addict than having caught something in her job.... =(

No part of my body came in contact with her vaginal fluid, except possibly during oral.  I did meet this girl a few months ago, so testing negative today could greatly ease my mind.

My risky behavior:
1) protected sex with a sex worker
2) unprotected receptive oral (numerous) with sex worker
3) gave oral, but nothing too rough with sex worker

I have read articles stating that oral poses a very low risk.  My penis has no abrasions and no lesions.  I am very "clean" and well kept.  I have always tried to only go down on a woman that I assessed as clean.  

Your thoughts?  Encouragement?  Disapproval?  I know it's probably guys like me that do society a harm, with secret lives who potentially infect innocent loved ones.  WTF was I thinking?
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Well from receiving oral sex you could get gonorrhea, NGU, herpes and syphilis. Herpes and syphilis is rare to transmit during oral sex. Most common is gonorrhea and NGU but without symptoms no real need for testing except to ease your mind. You can test after 1 week for gonorrhe and NGU, syphilis at 6 weeks and herpes at 3-4 months.

From giving oral sex you could get herpes and syphilis-see above for those chances.

As for protected sex-well you were protected and not at any real risk for an STD.
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I agree with Vance. He has restated the risks well. I feel your main problem is the anxiety you are having. I hope you can work through this and feel better about yourself. Take care.
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Thanks Vance!  I will get the the other tests too, but I have no symptoms so I am not even concerned about that.  

I am also worried about HIV though.... =(

I am probably a retard though.  

It is surprising to me then, how many people must fail to use rubbers as common as STD is!  For me, there has never been a temptation to remove rubber from the equation.  I kind of regret not using protection for oral.....cause if not for that I would care less.  I agree, condoms are safe.

I am realizing how brainwashed I was as a kid about STD's....
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The ironic thing is....

My wife is pregnant with our first, and she got a lump in her armpit.  I freaked out when she got a yeast infection at the start of pregnancy, but learned quickly that it's common for pregnant women to have all sorts of funky things.

So naturally, I am killing myself.  I have at moments just wished I was dead cause I am such a pathetic person.  Part of me wants to have HIV just to end it and come out about my sexual addictions.....I feel that I _deserve_ it, you know?  But she does not, and that's the greatest thing that causes me to worry.  Not myself, but her and my unborn child.  If they are harmed, well, then I should die.

I am just being brutally honest here.
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Get HIV out of your mind because it really is not a risk from everything you have said.
I suggest treatment with a therapist. I don't think you have a sexual addiction, but you do have a problem that is making you see these other women.
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Vance, thank you.  I will report back my status here.
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update: i tested negative

the counselor encouraged me to see a therapist.  i probably will.

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I'd say you need to definitely go - not probably.

Don't take that the wrong way - I mean that with kindness, but when therapy is suggested by a professional, its a good indication that you need it.

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