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Ejaculation in eye STD risk?

A couple of days ago I met a guy online and and went to his place and gave him a blow job. During the end of the encounter he masturbated and ejaculated on my face. Some of his semen got into my eye. Two days later I’m still having slight discomfort in my eye. What’s the risk of me contacting an STD from this incident? If a risk which STD could I have potentially contacted from this exposure?
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Hi, Gono can infect the eyes but through ejaculation in the air its unlikely as your eye would need exposure to a protected area like inside a vagina but it could still be considered a risk. But symptoms appearing 2 days later would also seem unlikely as does take a bout a week to incubate to cause an eye irration. Do have a doc check you out however.
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Thank you so much. I’m interpreting your answer as a low risk exposure. Am I correct? I will give it a few days to see if my eye clears up before going to the doctor. What about chlymadia , syphlyis  etc.... should I be concerned?
Low but do have a doc check you out to confirm all is ok
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