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Encounter with diseased looking prostitute

Yesterday I was drunk and I called a prostitute.When I went to see her..she turned out to be a really shady person who definitely was a drug addict.Stupidly I still went inside her trailer, and I told her clearly not to kiss and no saliva.I decided to get a handjob.The handjob was a long one..I noticed she had really bad teeth and in general looked diseased.At any point during the handjob She did not use saliva her mouth...Only Hands were used. The handjob went on for twenty to twenty five minutes with body lotion used as lube .the lube was provided by her and was used for the handjob.I *** and cleaned up and left. I am very very worried about STDs...what are the chances of
Herpes 1&2
And any other STD.. please help
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Handjob does not transmit any stds.
With the exception of some stds which spreads through skin contact. *But the likelihood is extremely low.
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What is extremely low ..please explain
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There are no STDs that are transmitted by handjobs. The STDs that are transmitted by skin to skin contact are things like herpes, syphilis and HPV, but those are genital to genital skin to skin contact.
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Also while she was talking to me..her spit flew into my mouth accidentally...what sexual infections and diseases can I get
None.  Sexually-transmitted diseases are transmitted sexually.  I'd watch out for common viral illnesses instead, since it's cold & flu season.
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1) The chances is near zero, if not impossible. I have told you negligible risk already.
2) what do i mean by extremely unlikely? Means practically no risk. Way lower than the chance of plane crash.
3) if u r so worried, go get a test and move on. I m sure u will be fine
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