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Epidytimits only symptom of chlam or gono? No urinal problems

39 old male, vasectomy, uncircumcised.had protected condom oral and anal with csw 6 weeks ago. Condom was put on with mouth and she did oral for 2 minutes while I fingered her anus unprotected. Anal lasted for 5 minutes total ( most of it was me masturbatinn cause I couldn’t stay erect) she said something had alcohol I’m assuming the lube. ejaculation was little and not satisfying (hadrd to explain but similar to blue balls) after it was done she ha send me a baby wipe I took off condom and cleaned up fast and left her place. When I got to my hotel room 10 min away I washed everything like crazy. This is all in South America. Roughly 3 days later I start feeling discomfort on my left testicle, no urination problems or discharge.it continue d for 4 days so I went to the doc (still in SA) he said that there seem to be a mass on my left testicle but no other songs of stds and it maybe to early to tell. I asked him if I could take precautions so he gave me a single injection of cef... 250mgand I took a single dose of azi.... 1g. When I got home 2 day later symptoms where the same no serious pain but a little tenderness to the touch it got better shortly after I took ibuprofen. Five days after the precautionary treatment I had unprotected vaginal sex with my regular partner. The symptoms basically disappeared on the left but started on the right.that lasted for another two weeks and now it’s gone. Two days before the symptoms disappear I had tested for 10 panel std all negative except for having-1(who cares) I’ve had it since I was a kid. My regular partner had some bleeding a week after her period she mentioned but didn’t seem to concerned(I am now)she hasn’t mentions anything else since about 3 weeks. I went to my reg doc and got diagnosed with epiditymitis. I did not tell him about my sexual encounter.
So I guess my question are
1.has anyone been in a similar situation?
2.What are the odds oí actually caught something and passed to my girl based on my story?
3.Is epiditimys common symptom of gono and Cham with out other symptoms?
4. If in fact I did get chlam or gono 5 days not enough to kill infection an prevent spreading?
5. Could this just be a crazy coincidence and all in my head?
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Hi You can not get gono or chlanydia using a condom as nothing could get inside your penis so what ever sympotms of an interior infection is not related to the condom act.
Thanks for the quick response. This was the first time I’ve use a condom in years. It’s it posible I had a aleregic reaction to the condom? Or maybe the soaps I used to clean afterwards?
yes to the latex
Thanks! Either that or  I have the worst luck in the world!
One more question sorry. In the odd chance that I got gono or chlam when taking condom off and wiping with baby whipe. Do you think the five days I dindt have sex with my girl was enough for the antibiotics to kill the bacteria?
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