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Escort incall house scared not agency

Hi guys i already ask std on this forum i know please dont punch me i did something im worried i booked appointment for escort this week from their website what i didn’t know it was her house i tought it was a agency place what we did i went to her house she got me naked and she give me mouth wash and she told me i need to take shower we went to take shower she wash all my body sorry for inappropriate words than she was about to give me oral without condom i stopped i showed her with hands it has to be cover than she understands she puts me condom on my penis than she give  me oral tell i cum inside the condom what really worries me that this escort their not with agencies like massage prlours so im not sure how clean they are or they get tested i got so worried that i forgot to wear my underwear i was panicking can you guys please help me what are my risks?
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So first question - why do you keep seeing escorts if it's causing so much anxiety? It hardly seems worth it. Any person, escort or not, with an agency or not, can have an STD.

I'm not an escort, never have been, and I have herpes. I got it from someone I was in a long-term, serious relationship with.

So she didn't give you any oral without the condom? You just showered together? There's no risk from this at all.

Have you gotten your HIV test yet? :)
ya i didn’t let her give me oral in shower i told her must be protected we went on bed than she give me oral with condom
Then you're fine. Oral sex is lower risk than vaginal or anal, and since you used a condom, you're fine.

Not going to answer me about your HIV test lol?
i talk with my friends they said the risk is really low to catch something my anxiety is a bit better
The risk is almost non existent. Condoms work
Totally agree. :)
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