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Exposure/Symptoms/Additional Risk

I had unprotected vaginal, cunillingis and anallingus a week ago. (Middle aged, heterosexual, upper middle class woman, not paid for).
I woke up with a bleeding tongue, next day had a swollen parotid gland, next day a very red and irritated throat. I went to a dr and started a zpack and cefuroxime and later that day had a throat swab for strep, chlamydia and gonorrhea. I had already had 500mg of cefuroxime and 500mg of Azithromycin before the throat swab.
They turned out negative after several days.
The next morning a NAA urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Also negative.
Five days after exposure I started getting slight burning in my urethra and urgency to urinate.
At this point I had taken 500mg Azithromycin the day prior, and finished the 1000mg the day I started getting symptoms.
I’m sure I have something, so I recieved a 250mg shot of ceftriaxone and 1g of Azithromycin on day seven.

Day nine now and still have some symptoms.

Is it normal to get negative results for these matters once you have had a small amount of antibiotics?

What would have made my tongue bleed?

How long before symptoms go away?

How many days before I can get a fairly accurate reading from a RNA HIV test?

I had an RNA HIV test at 6.5 days, and I will take one on day 10 (9 days post encounter).

This is the only unprotected encounter I’ve had and the only exposure I’ve had.
What is my risk level?

Thank you
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Hi, the the urethra burning after 5 days is a bit of concern but with that there should be a white puss discharge as thats the real sign of an infection but either way the antibotics should take care of this. no std shows symptoms the next day so the bleeding tongue could be from an injury from the act itself as sounds like you bit it.
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