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Exposure Symptoms?

I'd brief protected post-op vagina sex with a transvestite sw about 2-3mins before I finished inside. No oral sex, kissing involve. I pull out the condom and it was intact and did not break.

After 2 weeks, I experienced high fever which last for 1 day, flu and body ache. I'm now worried I caught any sti from above encounter. No sores or abnormal symptoms on genital areas.

Do I need to get tested for hiv or any other sti?

Please advise.
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You had condom-protected sex, so the chances of you getting anything are very slim. Also, symptoms that lasts only a day wouldn't be from an STI.

I don't see any reason for you to be concerned with this. Perhaps you had some cold or flu virus that caused your symptoms, but no STI would present that way.
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Thanks. Since the condom was provided by the sw, should I worry about the quality? I'm getting anxiety attack over this, especially when experiencing the fever, etc.

What are the chances of people getting hiv even with condom on?
also, can someone have syphilis without having primary or secondary  symptoms?
I wouldn't worry about the condom. She uses condoms to protect herself from you and her other clients. That's her concern - not so much your health. She won't use condoms of lower quality. I understand that you are anxious about this, but remember that she is a real person who is making a (high risk) living, and is taking steps to protect herself from you. She doesn't know what YOU have, and has to rely on a bunch of strange (to her) men for her safety.

People don't get HIV with condoms unless the condom breaks. You know yours didn't.

No, syphilis always presents with symptoms.

I don't know if this is a pre-existing anxiety disorder, or guilt, but guilt doesn't equal risk.
Thank you for your response Jessi. I guess it is anxiety with a combination of guilt. Yes, I'm very sure that the condom did not broke. I also make sure there are no skin to skin contact by holding the condom end. All my worries is that the post-op vagina discharge that may touch my genital skin and I realise after removing my condom that her post-op vagina discharge has a strong smell. Maybe she is having some infection. Please educate me, post-op vagina (gender reassignment) carries the same amount of risk of female vagina?
There haven't been any studies done on this that I know of, but you used a condom. It doesn't matter what the studies would say - you were protected.

If she did have an infection - and those possibilities are numerous - you were protected.

If anxiety is an ongoing issue for you, are you under care for that? Talk to your doctor about it, and ask for a referral to a counselor to work on that and your guilt, whatever the guilt is about. (No judgement here, just compassion.)
Dear Jessi, I tested on day 22  and day 32 after the above exposure with rapid 4th gen combo test. Both came out negative. The doctor told me that 95% of the positive result will be detectable after 28 days. Should I retest after 3 months to make sure I'm not fallen under the unlucky 5%. Can I take this result as conclusive result?.
too add I'm having another series of flu but this time with sore throat. Is this a symptom of ARS?
You had no risk for HIV. Your tests are conclusive based on timing and risk.

I have no idea what your doctor is taking as a risk, but you had condom-protected sex, and the condom did not break. You had no risk, didn't need to test, and certainly don't need to test again.

The 4th gen combo test is conclusive at 28 days.

If you are ill, follow up with your doctor, but it's not at all related to any STD, including HIV. Even if you had a risk for HIV, which you didn't, it's not ARS. It's too late for it.

Stay off the internet, and move on from this. Talk to your doctor about anxiety. There is treatment available for it. (I say this with compassion, not criticism.)
one last question Jessi. The 4th gen combo test that I took is a rapid test. The accuracy is the same as 4th gen combo test at lab?
Yes, you're fine. Really.

You had no risk, didn't need to test, and the test is accurate.

Talk to your doctor about your anxiety and guilt, and ask for a referral to a qualified therapist. Our forums are full of people who waste months and even years worrying about things they don't need to. Don't let that be you.
Hi Jessie,

I went to clinic to address my anxiety over this matter. The doctor suggested to take one final test as it is already pass 6 weeks and with duo test where it is consider conclusive for sure. According to the doctor, it will help me in terms of peace of mind. I agreed. Now waiting for the result and I'm having panic attack. What if my result turned positive after 32 days.
I understand you are anxious, and getting different info from different people, but you really had NO RISK. There was no reason for you to ever test, nor for you to retest.

There is no reason for you to think that your results will change. If you had a risk (you didn't), your 32 day test was conclusive.

We don't ask a lot of people, but we do ask that they read our responses. I've said all of this previously, and I don't know how I can say it any more clearly.

Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk. If you need to (and I think you need to) talk with a mental health professional about your guilt and anxiety.

I don't know if you are in a relationship, or you are feeling guilty for some other reason, but maybe this article will help you - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/29/stop-catastrophising-expert-guide-psychologist Please read it.
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