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Eye infections from STDs

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding eye infections from STDs.

1) What type of STDs can cause an eye infection if pee got into the eye?
2) How long does an eye infection start to present itself after the initial pee incident
3) Can the STD from the eye travel to the brain causing sharp pain on the forehead and temple region?
4) If it is caused by an STD, is the eye infection contagious to other people staying together? Maybe by touching something that an infected person has touched and then rubbing the eye
5) can eye infection from STDs be cured?

I hope someone can reply, preferably the experts on these questions to ease my mind. Thank you in advance
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Another question,

can these STDs cause a swollen cheek and rashes on the face?
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Someone reply plz?
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Chlamydia could perfectly infect the eyes, and it's actually a really common infection in some places along the world like Africa, Asia and the South East of Spain, which is called trachoma. It's normally transmitted to babies when they are born, because of the contact between their eyes and body fluids from their moms in case they are infected.

Regarding how long can take to develop an infection, that will depend on some many different things. STDs are known sometimes because they can hibernate inside the body for so long without giving any infection.

Gonorrhea is spread by sexual fluids and secretions, the same as chlamydia, so if you are worried of your eyes have been exposed to sexual fluids from another person, you could test for these two three weeks after the exposure.
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