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First Time Exposure

I am a profession who has been married over 30 years to one women, and we have not had a sex life for over 15 years, except on the rare occasions.  At the age of 62, I engaged in unprotected sex with a stripper about 36 hours ago at a strip club, which is the first time I have any sexual encounter outside of my marriage.  I was intoxicated at the time, but am not an alcoholic.  How soon should I see my doctor for testing and how long will I need to continue to see him for testing?  I am not sexually active either in or out of marriage other than this stupid, impulsive thing that got out of hand, and candidly, the thought of protection never entered my mind.  Any insight, without too much condemnation, would be appreciated, including whether I should tell my wife, which will most likely lead to recrimination and possibly divorce.
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Gonorrhea- 7 days
Chlamydia- 7 days
HIV- 3 months
Syphilis- 6 weeks
Herpes- 6 weeks or 3 months, not sure on this one but physical symptoms will appear if you do have herpes.

Its up to you if you want to tell your wife or not, but if your afraid of giving her something then you cannot have sex with her until you have been tested....
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Herpes testing is best done 4 months after exposure.  And not everyone gets visible symptoms.  In actuality, it is believed that many new herpes infections are contracted while there were no visible blisters.
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