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First time having sex, worried about std

Yesterday was my first time having oral sex (sex altogether). I'm gay, and had oral sex with a guy I didn't know very well. I was the receiving partner. I wore a condom that my partner provided. I had no contact with his genitalia or his mouth. He stroked his penis and afterward briefly touched my penis before I had a condom on.  during oral sex, however, I was wearing a condom.  As this is my first time having sex, I'm worried about a possible std infection. Does this experience warrant std (including HIV) testing?
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No single protected experience warrants testing.
But sexually active people should test every Year or 6mos or so.

In this case I'd be really shocked if you got anything. Seriously. You're okay.
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Thank you Night292Rec!! Your words are reassuring.  It was my first time and I've just been freaking out a bit as I didn't know the person that well. Much appreciated!!
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protected oral sex is no risk at all for std's which is why we recommend it :)

have you  had your gardasil shot series too for hpv?

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Thank you gracefromhhp!!! As this is my first sexual experience, I had not considered gardasil shots before.  I was a bit worried about my experience.  Although I used protection during oral sex, my partner did touched my penis after touching his.
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gardasil works best when started when you've had as few exposures as possible. time to look into them for your future protection :)
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