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First time protected sex with a call girl

I m 35 year old guy,  and 7 days back I had protected sex with  a lady for the first time,  whose sexual status I don't know she could be +ve or - ve.  But she has many partners.

Following things happend
I wore a latex condom and did the Protected veginal sex,  she shucked me with the condom first and then veginal sex.. It was a body to body contact as well..

Though it was all happend suddenly I was regretted a lot that after knowing the fact that i will now be affected with all STI and STD.

after 3 days I had following symptoms all over my body.. niddle itching.. The itching is still in my complete body.  

Is it a confirmed symptoms of  STD.
I am very worried.. And decided to do all the tests after 4 weeks and after all window period.

Please suggest me what are the other symptoms that will confirm that I hv already infected with the diseases...

Till now I hv no symptoms other than itching and burning sensation in my body.

Should I stop sex with my wife till the window period of 6 months or for 2  year to protect her from infection..??

Please suggest
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Hi, the symptoms your describing are not related to any std. Using a condom for the vaginal, if your genital area did not make rubbing contact with hers, the risk is zero for Syphilis and Herpes and if it did, and no sores were present, the risk is close to zero.
Since your married test for syphilis at 6 weeks post expoure and herpes at  3 months. This is for her protection.
Thank you Dave

It is being 7 days now...
What are the possible symptoms I could get.....  Considering the worst scenarios mine and her genital area touched each other

And we also did skin to skin contact.

I just wanted to alarm myself  before the symptoms goes off unidentified.

And in my case should I consider test window period as
1 month
3 month
6 month and
1 year
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Sypyilis 6 weeks
herpes 3 months
symptoms would be blister or chancre type sores that develop about a week after exposure.
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Hi Dave
Thank u for your reply
Please guide me if Sypyilis  and herpes does not shows any symptoms after 1 or 2 weeks..

Then how often the symptoms will b a confirmed symptoms of having these STDs..

The girl is always saying that she is clear.. She doesn't take any medicines.

I m worried because that is their profession they will not say the truth

At this point of time I m very worried of being infected by any STDs...

It is hardly 7 days for me..
And there are possibility if I m not getting any symptoms now then I may appear symptoms may b after 3 weeks.. 1 months or after 6 months or may b after 1 year..

I m very worried now about these time periods.. Everytime I m thinking  about these and it is increasing my anxiety level a lot..
I hardly able to concentrate on my daily activities..

I hv a fear that I will b infected with the STDs and will die of these diseases soon.

Please help
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Like i said if she did not have any sores your anxiety is not realistic as is close to zero risk.
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Thanks Dave
As I really not seen her completely whether she has any sores or skin infection or inside the vegina..

Is there any way to start the treatment assuming she has these diseases and for my safe side  and just to avoid occurrance of  Sypyilis,  herpes what medication or treatment can be started earlier.
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You had close to zero risk from what you descibe and if you dont have any sores that develop around  your genitla area about 7 days later you can put this behind you as this would be the symptoms. Since your anxious about this you can test at 6 weeks for syphilis and 3 months for herpes.
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Thank you Dave
Any near symptoms or abnormalities.. Will post you accordingly to seek your advice
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Hi Dave,

Did you foresee any other STD possibly infect me with the encounter I had.
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Hi Dave..

Till now I am not experiencing any symptoms other than the following.

1. A slight soar throat
2. My tongue colour turned little white.
3. Yesterday after brushing I cleaned my tongue with tongue cleaner from that time I an feeling little thick tongue and few cut marks on it which is feeling slightly uncomfortable.

4.  I don't find taste of some food.

6. Inside Mouth colour is turned little white

7. Near to tonsil area it is appearing white. I am not suffering from cold.

8. I m feeling little weakness.
But I m continuing with my workout in the gym.

Please help me with the above symptoms,  if I m infected or the symptoms are just indication of starting of the infection.

For me It is almost 11 days from the date of encounter with the call girl.

Please help.
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Any symptoms would be in your gential area not mouth.
Hi Dave,

This is almost 38 days, i would say 5 weeks from the encounter, there is no symptoms at all other than little rashes in the tongue.

when i clean my tongue with the tongue cleaner blood appears from the tongue.

my appetite is also reduced. and i am feeling little weak now a days.

Please advise what to do.

Any confirm symptoms of STD or STI
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