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Fishy odor for more than a week, anal herpes?

I had a risky sexual encounter three weeks ago in which a man poked my anus with his penis. This was August 25th.

About a week later (September 1st), I had a pearl-shaped, protruding skin growth appear right at the top of my anus closest to my genital region (the anterior midline) that caused some awful itching. I was very bad during this time, as I would scratch my anal region incessantly and very roughly during my sleep, which caused swelling in the area.

To this day, September 23rd, almost a month later, that growth is still there, same size and going strong, no sign that all that trauma through scratching has impacted it much. I'm assuming it's either a genital wart or molluscum contagiosum, the latter being more likely as it showed up only a week later. The itching has diminished considerably, almost nonexistent.

Anyways not too concerned about that as much as I am the next few issues:

I had a very, VERY fishy smelling discharge from my anus that I noticed over a week ago (on September 15th and is still ongoing, 8 days later, though the flow has slowed significantly and does not stain my undergarments as much as it used to).

I have two anal fissures (one on my posterior midline and the other on my anterior midline) that I attribute to my very stupid decision of wearing my underwear in a very, very tight, wedgie-type snug (like a G-string, digging into the buttcrack) in order to keep the discharge from staining my jeans or pants. I wore my underwear like this for three straight days, only relieving my anal region during bathroom breaks and nighttime. It was a fairly painful fitting and I felt the clothing dig into my anus, but I thought I'm better off staining my underwear than my jeans and pants for everyone to see.

Seeing how the fissures appeared on both the posterior midline (the bottom of the anus, closest to the spine) and the anterior midline (the top of the anus, closest to my genital region), I'm assuming that my horrible underwear-wedgie antic caused it. I could be wrong of course.

While the discharge has decreased, the foul fishy smell remains pungent as ever. It permeates my entire anal area, and the hairs surrounding my anus (I'm quite hairy down there) are all damp from the discharged and have bunched up like how wet hair bunches up. Just swiping a finger near my anus and then smelling it, I can smell the fishy odor.

Do these particular symptoms and their timetable sound like anal herpes? I've read that anal herpes can manifest itself as a fissure but that a strong fishy odor, especially one that lasts this long even after the discharge has largely drained, isn't a part of herpes.

Thanks so much for your time.
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Going from what I've read, my situation could also be gonorrhea or chlamydia, but that apparently requires bodily fluid exchange, and the risky sexual encounter that I had was mostly skin to skin.

Though of course, his precum may have entered my anus.
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