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Freaked out. Was safe until condom broke.

So I had protected anal sex with another man of unknown status last night up until the condom ruptured. After I felt it break, I pulled out immediately. I was exposed for about 2 to 3 seconds. What's the risk for STDs? Would this warrant testing? Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm freaking out here.
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If it was only 2-3 seconds then your risk was very very low. Overall no real reason for testing, but you can if you want to be 100%.
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I actually posted this to the expert forum as well and got a response from Dr.Hook. He said I have a less than 1 percent chance of any overall infection. So would it be negligible for testing?
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Sorry to be a bother again but if the Doc said less than 1 percent isn't it essentially zero. I'm messing with own head. Still afraid I got infected with something even with what Hook said. Can't help it.
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Not zero but as close to zero as possible, meaning for all intense purposes probably not going to happen.
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