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Funny feelings in legs still

Hello, I have HSV2. I get tingling around my genital area but also oddly enough a funny sensation like sensitive (sun-burnt) skin type feeling on my legs sometimes (inner and outer thigh). I do heavy squats at gym and my own research suggested that it could be meralgia paresthetica as the symptoms match perfectly. Occasionally my feet/toes get a dull ache too. Ive had HSV2 6 months now, is this a common HSV2 thing? In the last 6 months Ive also had a painful boil on my buttock cheek, it never formed a head and after a course of antibiotics went away. Íve had numerous jock itch like symptoms in groin area too, along with balantitis I think(Im uncircumcised) - I wonder if this all has to do with my stress and HSV2 effect weakening my immune system? Last 6 months have been most stressful in my life as I also worried about HIV, but had 6 or 7 4th gen test right up to 12 weeks (3,4,6,8 weeks) that were negative and was about to rule it out but then also read that people can seroconvert for HIV up to 1 year. So Im worried again and trying to see if the symptoms I am getting are related to the HSV2.
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follow up on this in your original post on the herpes forum - thanks!

no need for more hiv testing.  the tests we have now are so much better than the tests we used to have and they don't miss many hiv infections at the 3 month mark.

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